Do you really embrace your beauty?

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Dear You,

My name is Sheikhah, and I am a dedicated mom of two boys. I am the founder of The Turkish Cloth (TTC). TTC is like another child to me. As much as I have invested my time nurturing and loving my boys, I too have dedicated a good four years now growing TTC.

Through TTC, I have met many women at the various events and pop-ups I participated in. Looking back thinking of the people I have met, it feels surreal to be able to meet so many diverse individuals from all walks of life. The joy of doing this job is not just in selling, but mostly in meeting people.

Each time I interact with a customer, a woman, you, I learn a small piece about you. A perfect stranger. Through that short moment of interaction, I learn about the style and color you love. Sometimes, I learn about your family and friends. Sometimes you share with me about your job. With every person I speak to, there is always something interesting.

As you browse pieces from our collection, I can’t help but to admire you. I am a strong believer that every woman is beautiful in her own way. And then you pick out a few colors you like and try that shawl on.

Looking at your reflection you say.. 
“Oh no! I don’t look good.” 
“Look at me I am big, I have got to cover my chest” 
“Is this wide enough? I am fat”
“You are pretty, anything looks good on you. I am dark-skinned.”

And the negative self-loathing comments goes on...

It is sad really. I don't think you realize how beautiful you already are. Though you eventually find something to your liking to purchase from our wide array of collection; well that’s not the point I’m trying to convey here.

If you knew how many women I have met who had negative things to say about themselves through these short interactions, you would be astounded. If you knew what exactly they had to say about themselves, you would probably find it familiar. Many women would.

"I am Fat. Not pretty. Dark. Short. Thin."

Don’t you find it strange how we measure our own beauty based on objects we try on? Based on what other people say about us? Based on beauty standards?

We spend so much time finding things that will help beautify ourselves, but do we truly embrace our own beauty? I'll leave you to ponder about this.

Sheikhah Aljunied
Founder of The Turkish Cloth


P.S: Follow our next blog post as we unveil more on this new journey

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