Every woman is entitled to dream as BIG as a man's dream

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Every woman have dreams for herself. It doesn't matter if she is a career woman, or an entrepreneur, or a SAHM, or both. It doesn't matter if she is single or married. Every woman is entitled to dream as big as a man's dream. Dreams gives us purpose.

You see women wear many hats. Most women I know put others before themselves. We work hard day in and out to make other people's dreams come true.

At the office, we slave to contribute to our company reaching its vision. At home, we slog tirelessly to maintain the household well to keep our husband stress-free. So that he can achieve his goal in climbing up the corporate ladder (or in his business if he is an entrepreneur etc). Behind every successful man is a strong woman right? =)

With our children, we send them to classes and do all sorts of activities with them to expand their horizon so that they can realize their dreams. Then we do whatever it takes to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

So where does that leave our little 'woman' dream? At the bottom of the list. To be achieved after we have taken care of all "other people's dreams".

The biggest weakness most women have is the inability to put themselves first before others - For this is exactly why I admire fearless women who will jump at the opportunity to make their dreams come true. 

As I work on the Travel to Freedom collection with Nazlin Hilal of Doll Me Up Cosmetics, she shares with me that she used to be a very, very shy person. Her dream back then was to create her own cosmetic line. So to make that happen she knew that she had to attend a cosmetic formulation class in London. But the major setback for her was her fear of being among strangers. Fear of stepping out of her comfort zone and be among people who didn't knew her.

They say if you got a burning desire for success, you will make your dream happen. And so she did. She took the leap to get out of her comfort zone and attended the class. Fast-forward to today, you will find that Nazlin is a humble successful entrepreneur. She would not have been where she is today if she had not made the decision to overcome hew weakness back then.

Her story made me reflect on myself. I admire how she overcame her weakness and achieve her goals. I have my own set of dreams too. But honestly, I am not even halfway there to make them come true. I do suffer from the "inability to put myself before others" syndrome. I struggle daily to get my chores done to serve others, and end up exhausted to serve my own dreams --->  I use this as a reason to justify why I cannot achieve my dreams. 

Knowing Nazlin's story has sparked a little fire in my soul to try to begin to conquer my weaknesses. One step at a time. I realize that what I should be doing is to intentionally make little pockets of time everyday for me to work on my dreams. Putting self before others is not always selfish thing.

Sometimes, we just need to hear the stories and struggles of other women to keep us going. Often times, we learn about their strengths. But to me, knowing their weaknesses is what is important because it could potentially be something we can relate to. There are so many inspirational women out there. Who would you want to get to know next?



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