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I have been wanting to do a women empowerment campaign for TTC for a good one year now. Somehow, it always remained as a plan in my head. I never really act upon it. As much as the idea was exciting, the thought of setting a side a budget for it was daunting! Let's face it, it would be a lot of work and making videos and photos is not cheap. Here I am, a SAHM trying to make a living off this business. That budget, could possible go to buying milk and diapers!

But one day, something changed. On the 1st of September 2018, to be exact. I made a spontaneous decision to act on it. I woke up that day and decided that its time I tried to make a difference to women with body image and confidence issues; one soul at a time. 

Some asked me, why that topic? Why even bother? Got enough money?

Hmm...But why should I not? It is a topic that is very important to me because I spent practically my entire youth and young adult hood dealing with it; in silence.

Imagine how hard it was to deal with the negative image words thrown at me? How it affected me? How no one seemed to give a crap about how I felt? How I cried, but no one knows? It was a lot of crap to deal with I tell you. But it is as real as it gets. For any woman in fact.

Although, this happened years ago and I have learnt to overcome it, I am very aware that there are many women; young and 'older' (25-45 yrs old) that are going through this now. If you have read my first post, you'd probably get a gist of this.

Social media is not making it easy. It is testing us to our core, at every swipe! In a digital time where everything worldly seem to be about physical attributes, how can we ever feel grateful with ourselves and not envy others?

Well I am not a professional. But I'll try my best to share my perspective of how I look at myself and how I deal with people. My very hope for this campaign is to inspire women to make a change in mindset. Trust me, any woman can do it.


Sheikhah for DEFINITION:ME

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